I was re-watching Almost Famous last week for a script I’m working on and I was reminded of what a perfect film it is. There’s nothing extra, every scene is meaningful and moves the story forward. I wonder how many darlings were killed in the process of writing it. The best art needs nothing extra but I can get so attached to every image, joke, or pregnant pause.

On a fashion note, the costumes in Almost Famous are also flawless. The Chinese dress and Go-Go boots Penny Lane wears when she follows Stillwater to New York are so right for that moment and that city.

I had that outfit in my mind when I found this green, vintage dress in Silverlake a few weeks back. I paired it with Ferragamo flats and my Pot De Miel bag from Clare V.

I think it’s a perfect spring look! I’ve linked to some other Emerald green dresses below plus the bag and similar shoes below.

Photos by Jenna Elliot

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