I have been wanting to do a shoot at Circus Liquor in North Hollywood for a long time, since the best scene from the best movie of all time takes place in their parking lot.

The movie is Clueless and in high school I thought I was Cher but without the money and designer clothes. I grew up in Baltimore not L.A. shopped from the Delia’s catalog and thought it was chic AF.

I DID convince a guy in high school that I had a computer that picked out my outfits for me like Cher’s did in the movie.

Which is really more a testament to his gullibility than my compulsive lying, right?

Photos by Jenna Elliot

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(This purse can fit a MacBook Air! ??)

Azalea Dress c/o, Patagonia Hat c/o Crossroads Trading, Adidas Sneakers, Clare V. Grand Henri Bag