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When I studied abroad in Paris I became enchanted with the French style of grocery shopping. It’s basically the antithesis of a Target run. Instead of making a weekly trip and shopping for all your groceries at once a French woman says “Hmmmm what do I feel like having for dinner tonight?” Which is more or less the question that is always jogging through my mind right beside “What’s the next thing I’m going to buy from Reformation?” and “Does so-and-so have good boundaries or is she just a pill?” The French woman treats grocery shopping as a day to day pleasure. She goes to her local boulangerie, butcher and market daily and gets down to the business of making her delicious food dreams a reality.

Enter Cookbook, a green grocery store in Echo Park. I felt a little overwhelmed on my first visit due to the copious lettuce selection. Since I didn’t intrinsically know what to do with all that cheese and produce I left with only a container of potato salad, some seasonal salsa and homemade tortilla chips.  But practice makes perfect. Next time I will go with a game plan. Or maybe I’ll ask owner Marta Teegan what she’s making for dinner?

Cookbook is a green grocery store located at 1549 Echo Park Avenue, they are open daily 8am-8pm (213) 250-1900

Photos by Jenna Elliot

(Hi and welcome to heaven!)

(Thinking about something devious to do with lettuce)

Flax Oversized Tee + Jett Skirt both from Reformation, Leather Loafers from The Kooples found at Crossroads, Marcelle Tote from Clare V. and Claw Ring from Katie Dean Jewelry



  1. Deirdre April 24, 2017 / 5:39 pm

    Do you remember those insane sandwiches we made one day after a really long, fun Paris night out? I want to say they were Dijon, tuna and brie or something. They were like the best thing I ever had. Miss you! xoxo

  2. clotheshorse April 25, 2017 / 4:25 am

    How could I forget? Why was everything in Paris so perfect!

  3. fia April 25, 2017 / 1:45 pm

    i love that skirt! and bag! and cookbook! i miss living in greenpoint bc this is how i use to grocery shop at the garden. xo

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