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Writing is in my blood. My parents are both exceptional writers. People tend to get the most excited when I tell them that my father wrote for The Wire, the critically acclaimed HBO drama.

My dad was heavily involved in the second season and depending on who you talk to the season that took place on the docks is either the best or the worst of the series. Personally, my favorite season is the fourth which focused on the corner boys but I did really enjoy the second season partially because I could see so much of my father and his history in the writing. My grandfather was a “tugboat man” and his son (my father) was always fascinated by the unique culture of the docks. This year, after David Bowie died, Dad told me that he named The Wire character Ziggy after Ziggy Stardust. I thought that was a cool piece of trivia!

Which brings me to this dress! I’ve been wearing the sleeveless Ziggy dress a lot and plan on transitioning it to Fall by layering a turtleneck underneath and adding some boots. It’s my favorite kind of #ootd. The kind where you can eat a three course meal and nobody knows the difference. The kind that transitions seamlessly from day to night. The kind you throw on with a ponytail in the morning and don’t have to think about again until you take it off at night.

Photos by Mark Griffin Champion

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Dress Azalea SF, Bag Clare V. Shoes Robert Clergerie found at Crossroads Trading