I would say that I am naturally a pretty impatient person but if there’s anything I’ve learned in this life it’s that shit takes time and with the knowledge that shit takes time comes the decision to start today. I’m in this place where a lot of pots that I had set to heat seemingly ages ago are finally starting to boil. They’ve been simmering so long that I never thought they would actually cook and I maybe even forgot for a minute they were on the stove and now it’s like whoa can I just schedule ten minutes today to work on a blog post, in between getting taxes done and producing this movie I wrote and acting in someone else’s movie and going to auditions and hosting events and taking care of myself and exercising and seeing my therapist and making sure I get fed and being there for the people I love! But you know what? It’s all good! I’m happy to be here. People do a lot more in a day and I can always turn off my phone two hours before bedtime. It’s also highly possible that next month I will be bored with nothing to do but I hope not.

When it rains it pours and I know that I could even handle a thunderstorm. Chris Pratt had this great Instagram (if you have not read it yet. pause. read now. come back) a few weeks ago where he talked about the fact that he hadn’t slept in like seventy seven hours but he was just so grateful to have the opportunities he’s having because he remembers a time when he didn’t. I’m by no means starring in Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 but I can relate to being in a place of gratitude for all the good things that are happening because I certainly remember a time when life seemed pretty bleak. Honestly, I hope I never forget. It’s literally the not-so-distant-memory of those hard times that makes me appreciate how #blessed I feel today.

Photos by Mark Griffin Champion


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