The Hardy Dress : So F***ing Cute


How F***ing cute is the Hardy Dress? When it showed up on my doorstep I squealed with delight because it’s overalls and a dress, handwoven in Ethiopia and made in New York. It’s the perfect thing to wear as I reach for that second helping of tamales on Christmas Eve.

People always say the holidays are crazy but I actually like to slow down in December. It’s a great month to reflect on the time that’s past and make plans for the future. Here’s a few tips to enjoy this special time of the year.

Devote December to holiday parties and celebrating. I rsvp yes to everything. Meet up with friends. Hug them. Tell them you love them. We only get this ONE life so if you care about someone, show up for them and have a drink.

Wreath It Up A beautiful wreath over our bed feels just as festive as a tree and there’s no corpse waiting for me when I come back from my travels.

Keep a list of gifts for family throughout the year. It makes it so much easier for me to shop when Christmas rolls around.

Un-Plug We are Austin, TX bound for Christmas and I think I’m going to do my crazy unplug again. No computer for a whole week! I did it when we went to Cape Cod this Summer and I came back feeling very clear. I believe we each have so much knowledge within ourselves and the more we can tap into it the better.

Plan. Lord knows as soon as my month of celebration is over I want to get down to B.I. so I order my planner before Thanksgiving. Happy Holidays!

Photos by Mark Griffin Champion

151206_CHLA_Cienne_Hardy_Dress-12151206_CHLA_Cienne_Hardy_Dress-7151206_CHLA_Cienne_Hardy_Dress-11 151206_CHLA_Cienne_Hardy_Dress-9 151206_CHLA_Cienne_Hardy_Dress-6 151206_CHLA_Cienne_Hardy_Dress-5 151206_CHLA_Cienne_Hardy_Dress-4Dress Cienne, T-Shirt Cotton On, Hat Ted Baker, Bag Vintage, Heels Carlo Pazolini