My sister is awesome and to make good on her awesomeness she got me this Joan Didion x Joy Division t-shirt as an early birthday present. I wear it to Pilates, I wore it to dinner in Palm Springs. There’s really not a bad place to throw this puppy on. I rocked it to get breakfast tacos a few weekends ago and got props from the counter boy who is usually sullen and mum. Is there anything better than getting a quiet and reserved person to open up to you? No! I. Don’t. Think. So. So you see Joan Didion X Joy Division wins again!

I’ve been a fan of Didion’s writing for awhile. I like the starkness of her prose and the fact that she’s a California native while I just pretend to be. I’ve already been to Palm Springs five times in 2015, mostly to see live music. One of the key selling points on living in L.A. for me is being able to escape to the desert at a moment’s notice. Some people ask me why I keep visiting the same places. I can see how it might be better to mix it up.

Maybe it’s my loyal Leo nature but when I find something I love be it a t-shirt, a hotel or a person I like to return to that thing again and again. In my humble opinion that’s the definition of living well; practically OD’ing on your happy place.


Joan Didion X Joy Division T-Shirt (sold out) // Vintage Levis c/o American Rag (similar) // Seychelles Sandals c/o UO // THML Jacket // Hare + Hart Bag // Quay Sunnies c/o UO

Photo Credit // Mark Champion

Shot at The Alcazar Hotel in Palm Springs, CA