The most un-L.A. things happen on a road trip… #20ozofsoda #styrofoamcup 
Wearing New Balances, Joey cut-off shorts, Heidi Merrick top, Clare Vivier bag, Zara sunhat
Mary Darling from A Fab Life catching some rays. #badassbitch

Kristen is sooooo excited because The Apricot Tree makes a killer taco salad.

Finally getting around to sharing these photos from our “girl’s only” road trip to Sonoma with the Crossroads Trading Style Council. In 24 hours we managed to squeeze in a ton of shenanigans and the sort of crazy over-sharing only girls know how to do.  Getting up at 6am is normally not my jam unless I’m being whisked away to an island or sent directly to hair and make-up but piling in an SUV with this crew was sort of cozy.

Photos by Grasie Mercedes.

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